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NETCET City Network: Adriatic cities together for Cetaceans and Sea Turtles


Welcome to our NETCET City Network!

Made of cities who care about Cetaceans and Sea Turtles and commit themselves to inform the general  public about the threats for these endangered species and to reduce directly the risks for these marine animals.

The aim of the network is to raise the awareness of the cities on their role for the conservation of the sea turtles and cetaceans.


To create concrete collaboration, members of the NETCET City Network are also invited to promote actions of their choice regarding the education, information and consciousness of the presence and conservation of cetacean and sea turtles. Any such activity can be promoted on this NETCET website and provide visibility to the city.

In conjunction with the Final Conference of the NETCET Project (Venice, July 2015) NETCET cities will take part in a proper Workshop to share their experiences and contribution to define common strategies for the conservation of C&ST, to draft new national action plans for the C&ST conservation, or to review and adopt the existing plans where available. This will also be the opportunity to sign an official commitment (MoU) altogether.

See the dedicated web page:




The Scientific/Technical Network


Welcome to our Scientific and Technical Network!

Made of relevant scientific organizations and experts in the conservation of Cetaceans and Sea Turtles in the Adriatic enhancing linkages with similar networks in the Mediterranean that are all meeting in our NETCET Forum.

The main objective of the forum is to support, enhance and improve the discussion and debate among the partners, the experts and the general public, and to share knowledge and experiences in a full and productive manner. The Forum is divided in five main categories:

  • Adriatic sea
  • Cetacean
  • Sea Turtles
  • Ask the experts

The "Ask the expert" area is where visitors can post questions about Adriatic Sea, Cetaceans, Sea Turtles, and receive a replay from one the Netcet experts.  The Netcet forum is open to everybody but users have to register themselves into the forum (only the first time), in order to post messages.

The forum can be reached at the address:




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City and technical networks This section allows access to the NETCET technical forum and NETCET City Network.

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