Thursday, 17 July 2014 14:21

Fishermen meetings in Savudrija and Umag (Istria), Croatia

On the 12th of July 2014, the 14th and 15th NETCET meetings with fishermen on biology and conservation of cetaceans and sea turtles, their distribution in Adriatic and procedures of handling, incidentally caught turtles in order to reduce their mortality  were successfully held in Savudrija and Umag (Istria), Croatia.

It was one to one meeting approach when the lecturers from SINP presented NETCET project, the biology and threats of Sea Turtles in the Adriatic Sea and national Protocol of reporting and acting in case of encountering dead, sick or injured strictly protected marine animals to fishermen approaching them in the port. As well partners from Slovenia (UPR) together with  SINP arranged reporting by fishermen in the case of catching alive, healthy and young (30-40 cm CCL) Sea Turtles because of satellite tagging and marking.

We talked to 18 fishermen altogether in Savudrija port and 5 fishermen in Umag. We discussed about variety situations they had and agreed on further collaboration. After all, Guidelines for the first aid to Sea Turtles and Cetaceans were distributed with posters, stickers and T-shirts of the NETCET project.


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