Description of the partner organisation

The City of Venice is the local administration responsible for the governance of the territory of island and mainland Venice; an area of 414 Km2. The territory ranges from seafront, fragile lagoon environment and historic island city to medium sized city areas of Mestre and Marghera on the mainland. The City council has 3.099 employees. The Environment Department and the International and European Policies Area (20 employees) are involved in the NETCET Project.
Sustainable development issues have always been high on City of Venice’s agenda due to the very location of the City, built in the fragile lagoon ecosystem on the edge of the Adriatic sea. The City has been involved in a number of projects which have brought a total funding of € 33.704.261,60 to the City over the last 9 years, and has the capacity to lead a project of this size and nature due to its European Policies department established in 2001 with extensive experience.
The European Policies department has staff dedicated to the drawing up of proposals and management of sustainable development projects and works closely with other relevant departments, above all that of the Department of the Environment. It has good working relationships with other local actors working towards the conservation of Cetaceans and Sea Turtles.

Description of the activities

City of Venice has been the catalyst of NETCET. Faced with injured sea turtles along its shores it decided to define a role for the City in the conservation of sea turtles and cetaceans in the Adriatic in cooperation with other Adriatic states. Hence, NETCET, where it is LB responsible for the management and communication of the project in cooperation with a balanced partnership, drawing on consolidated skills and experience in cross border project management and communication. City of Venice believes other Adriatic cities may be hereto unaware of the role they can play in managing shared natural assets, and thus seeks to harness these untapped resources through the creation of the Adriatic city Network, building on its experience as protagonist in City partnerships and networking. It will set up a ST emergency centre on the Lido, at the sites of Centro Soggiorno Morosini. The Emergency Centre in Lido will be managed by the City of Venice with the support of the Natural History Museum of Venice (FMCV).
As a public authority it will use channels available to contribute to the sustainability of National Plans and Common Strategies post project


City of Venice

Economic Development, European
Policies and Participatory Processes Division

San Marco 4299
30124 Venice

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    Chiara Tenderini
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    Anna Zarotti
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