Description of the partner organisation

The City of Pescara is the governing institution of an area that occupies a central position in the vast urbanised area defined as “Pescara metropolitan area” and, with its 125.000 inhabitants, constitutes a developing factor for regional scale initiatives. The City Council has several departments, through which it carries out institutional activities including the promotion of cultural, social, economic and environmental aspects that make up its heritage of history and traditions. The European Policies Department and the Animal Protection Department are involved in the NETCET Project.
With regard to the environment, over recent years, the City Council’s activities have been characterised by a series of initiatives to encourage citizens to use natural assets correctly and to contribute to the improvement of quality of life. In fact, the City has been involved in various European projects regarding not only the environment but also energy and sustainable growth. Moreover, through the Animal Protection Department, the City Council favour the respect and tolerance towards animal species with the aim of helping men and animals to live together and, also, of protecting public health and environment. It is, in fact, involved in interventions and initiatives focused on the ecosystem conservation.

Description of the activities

City of Pescara, as partner of NETCET, will be involved in many actions of the project. Besides being involved in management, coordination and dissemination activities, the City of Pescara will carry out  specific activities regarding the recovery and treatment of sea turtles. Particularly, it will be involved in the improvement of its first aid centre, set up in 2003, that will become a rescue centre for the treatment and rehabilitation of turtles accidentally caught, injured or sick. Among other things, a database will be created in order to monitor stranded species and to better know the most common and rare species along our coast, so to draw up plans for intervention and protection of species at risk. Finally, education courses and training on conservation issues, recognition and correct handling of species of cetaceans and sea turtles in the Mediterranean will be carried out, with particular attention to the more frequent species in the Adriatic and species more likely to be found stranded along the coasts of Abruzzo.


City of Pescara
European Policies Department
Piazza Italia 1
65146 Pescara

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    Piera Antonioli
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    Tel. 0039 085 4283732
    Fax. 0039 085 4283608

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